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Quality foundation seed of improved crop varieties
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Livestock seed with superior genetics

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Assorted farm inputs
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Brief About us

NARO Holdings Limited (NHL) is the business arm of the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) duly incorporated in the year 2016 as a company limited by shares. NHL aims to enhance and accelerate public access to and utilization of NARO technologies and services on a commercial and sustainable basis for increased stakeholder benefit, in accordance with the NARO Commercialization Policy and Guidelines, 2020.

We are ahead when it comes to agricultural research dissemination

Enhancing production and productivity through reliable supply of quality agro-inputs to farmers and raw materials to agro-industries

business units

Foundation/pre-basic seed of cereals, pulses/legumes, oil crops and vegetative propagated materials

Livestock seed (cattle semen, cattle embryos, day-old chicks of local poultry, piglets, fish fingerlings)

Livestock feeds (fish, poultry, dairy & beef cattle, pigs, rabbits, turkeys)

Aflasafe for management of aflatoxins in grains, feeds and processed food products

Food Security is essential to economic growth.

Our aim is to stimulate agricultural growth, create employment opportunities,  expand food supply and security which is central to the alleviation of poverty.

Our Partners