About NARO Holdings Limited

NARO Holdings Limited (NHL) is the business arm of the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) duly incorporated in the year 2016 as a company limited by shares. NHL aims to enhance and accelerate public access to and utilization of NARO technologies and services on a commercial and sustainable basis for increased stakeholder benefit, in accordance with the NARO Commercialization Policy and Guidelines, 2020. The company’s main objective is to generate revenue to complement funding from Government of Uganda and development partners for sustainability of agricultural Research and Development (R&D); the core mandate of NARO.

NHL commercial activities have a direct bearing on Vision 2040 that seeks to transform agriculture into a profitable, competitive and sustainable sector of the economy, the Third National Development Plan (NDP III), which focuses on commercialization of agriculture to generate sufficient production volumes to sustain domestic food security and external markets.


To enhance access to and commercialization of proven technologies, innovations and services for agricultural transformation.


A reliable source of quality and affordable agricultural technologies, innovations and services in the EAC region.



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